5 Reasons why your business should be using Twitter

There are numerous reasons why I think every business should be using Twitter but here are my top 5 and why: 

  • Connecting with current customers and finding new ones:

Twitter is an excellent networking platform to interact with potential and current clients. Social media has integrated itself into most people’s daily routine and if you don’t look at your phone at least once before leaving for work in the morning, then you’re in the minority. The famous yet under appreciated #hashtag allows you to find other users who are tweeting things of a similar interest to you. Through simple interaction via tweeting or direct message you could end up finding potential clients or partnership opportunities. As well as this, it gives yophoto_40449_20150902.jpgu another avenue to listen to your customers and improve the products or services you are providing.

  • Humanise your brand

Engage your customers through real human interaction not through automation. Having a business account on Twitter is a fantastic way to keep users updated with your business, whether that’s a new deal or product giveaway. Stay current with your tweets, tweet potential clients directly and try not to automate, this way you’re engaging and showing the Twittersphere that you are more than just a faceless company hiding behind a logo. As well as this, use personal accounts to reach out to your customers through an alternate avenue, where you can use your own personality, opinions and skill set to shape your tweets.

  • Researching your competitors

In February there were an estimated 1.3 billion registered Twitter users so it’s likely that your competition will be using it too. Twitter is a great tool for researching and analysing your competition, seeing how they go about selling their brand and finding out what their customers say about them. There could even be a potential to swoop in and suggest your service as an alternative if they tweet their own dissatisfaction with one of your competitors.

  • Speedphoto_39670_20150728.jpg

One of the biggest benefits of social media these days is the speed in which you can get your message out there.  If you’ve got a promotion or new product, you could be tweeting it to your followers in seconds.

  • Experiment

Something users often forget with Twitter is the opportunity your business has to experiment. If you’re a relatively new business you may not know how your customers view your brand. It’s important to develop and build on your company’s brand image and in turn, refine your brand. Engaging with other users on Twitter, whether that’s new customers or potentials, you can determine what works for your business and what doesn’t.


I’ve barely scratched the surface with how your company could benefit from using Twitter. In this day and age its not enough to have just a website;  in order to achieve a successful amount of online presence you have to branch out across all social media platforms. It’s time businesses recognise the enormous potential of social media platforms like Twitter, everyone’s using it – so should you.


Businessman holding hologram with social media network icons



5 Reasons why your business should be using Twitter

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